Friday, May 06, 2005

Camera phones as story telling tools

Travelling from Sicily to Malta by ferry last year on a family holiday I got talking to a young Maltese chef who invited us to his restaurant. We were only on Malta for a couple of days but he was insistent. He described the menu he cooks, mostly seafood. It certainly sounded wonderful and to illustrate his point he took out his mobile phone and showed us pictures of the restaurant and some of his favourite dishes. On our last day in Malta we went and had one of the most delicious meals of our whole trip.

Howard Rheingold would recognise this form of communication immediately. The way he puts it, though, "the cameraphone exists at this moment in that ephemeral, potent and confusing phase of its adoption cycle where people are still deciding what kind of social medium it is".

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BwcaBrownie said...

camera-phone as weapon: (sorry no link) I read at Gawker about a guest at the home of Harold Evans and Tina Brown, and how she used hers to capture for publication the decor of their lavatory.
Does one now frisk dinner guests for phones before letting them roam one's home?