Thursday, October 05, 2006

Looking ahead

Some current pieces on online news and newsroom movements:

'Wash Times' does all audio on demand - The Washington Times has launched a new online feature that automatically translates all of the newspaper's staff-written content, as well as some AP content, into streamed audio and MP3 files

The New York Times' digital makeover - Martin Nisenholtz is presiding over a surge in digital revenue at the old gray lady.

Financial Times takes first major step towards a digital future - From now on all the material that appears on, email news alerts, blogs, podcasts and all other platforms is being produced by the same people who turn out the main paper.

"Video is the future for Telegraph photographers" - Newly appointed Telegraph Executive Editor (Pictures) Stuart Nicol, who is set to join the troubled newspaper group on October 16th, has told EPUK that the future of the Telegraph’s photojournalism lies in shooting video.

'Technology Is Now an Important Part of Media' - The New York Times Co.'s new futurist-in-residence predicts that a new generation of newspaper readers will soon be accustomed to reading news on a screen and won't possess an "emotional attachment" to paper.

... And I know it doesn't really fit in this category, but:

Google's Chief looks ahead - In an interview with TIME, CEO Eric Schmidt explains what's behind the company's new push for partnerships

Scott Karp identifies a particularly ominous comment in the Time interview.

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