Friday, March 23, 2007

Changing media

Roy Greenslade and Jemima Kiss are covering the Guardian's Changing Media Summit. Unfortunately, Greenslade's blog doesn't use tags so the posts will likely drop off the page soon, but until then ...

Kevin Anderson and Suw Charman are also covering the conference. (Now why doesn't Anderson blog this event for The Guardian, given he is their blogs editor?)


Unknown said...


I do blog for the Guardian when I go to conferences when there isn't other Guardian staff there. But with Jemima and Roy already blogging, I felt that blogging was well in hand as far as the Media Guardian was concerned. And Suw and I tend to provide as Sam Sethi puts it, a 'stenographer's eye view'.

Now, I should have a more public presence on Guardian blogs than I do, and I will. My first six months as editor have been focusing on some behind the scenes work to make sure that we've got the tech in place to support our editorial strategy. That will change soon enough.

hm said...

Thanks for the explanation, Kevin. I take your point about not doubling up with other Guardian staff at these sort of events.