Thursday, February 28, 2008

We launched a new site today at APN Online, which I think is going to do good things for us. has its first iteration in Toowoomba, and we're planning on rolling it out to the rest of regional Queensland and Northern NSW over the coming months.

It's initially focusing on news and events. But it has a few nice features enabled by the crossover taxonomy and geo-targetting that allows news stories and diary events to be themed together under content or category types. This sort of data configuration allows a lot of flexibility in the way you can mix and mash content.

I was encouraged to see this reference in the Newspaper Next 2.0 report from the other day, because it's exactly what Finda is aiming to do :

“Looking at the possibilities that lie beyond the boundaries of traditional newspaper companies the report describes how such a ‘former newspaper company’ might look several years in the future, in the eyes of the consumers and businesses it aims to serve:”

  • The source I try first whenever I’m dealing with a local want, need or problem
  • The source I use most often to know what’s going on here
  • The best source of facts, knowledge and wisdom about this place
  • A source available in the times, places and circumstances in which I need it
  • The town square and connective tissue of community life here
  • The place I go to be part of the fabric of life here

  • Big, comprehensive solutions for reaching people
  • Narrow, targeted solutions for reaching people
  • Small, low-cost ways to reach people
  • Ways to reach specific target groups, niches, interests
  • Ways to create one-to-one customer relationships and build loyalty
  • Ways to build my image or brand
  • Ways to reach people when they are most likely to buy
Stay tuned for more releases soon.

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very nice work!