Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ninemsn execs abandon ship

Tony Faure, the head of ninemsn has quit as chief executive claiming he is "not the right person" to take the business forward.

This is in addition to Chris Noone resigning as head of mobile. And it follows recent departures of commercial director Jason Scott, marketing director Tony Thomas who quit in March, and Jane O’Connell, the head of content and network innovation who quit in December and is now working for ninemsn partner Microsoft in Singapore. Scott has also turned up at MSN's Asia Pacific operation.

It's not a good look.

Wonder how much is attributable to the private equity influence?


Anonymous said...

ninemsn Sydney Sales Manager, Esther Carlsen, has also left to head up media sales at travel publisher This was a week before Jason Scott bailed out.

hm said...

And more bad press in today's Oz.

"He said I can earn this sort of money and have more fun doing something else," a source close to Mr Faure claimed.