Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Online profits, Oz Twitter useage

Monday Note shines a light on the elephant in the online newsroom: the financial numbers don't add up.

But can they?

Scott Karp points out that Facebook is lagging badly in delivering revenue against its current valuation. It has 100 million users but 2008 revenue was projected at only $300 million. So where's the rest?

According to Karp the problem is with Facebook's value proposition to advertising clients. It ain't as compelling as Google's by a long way.

In other words even the newest players can take a leaf out of Google's book. It's really about delivering customer satisfaction.

On another note it's interesting to see the growth in Twitter useage in Australia.


cameronreilly said...

And yet when *I* talk about how the economics don't add up at things like the MEAA conference, you have a go at me! Sheeeit.

hm said...

Mate, we are actually in furious agreement about the economic difficulties of online publishing. Where we differ, perhaps, is that I do think newspapers can make the leap. I was not having a go at you in my twitter comment, if that is what you are referring to. I was just responding to a comment you made about newspapers ...