Thursday, December 30, 2004

Small miracles

Some relief comes with the small miracles of survival and cooperation amidst the horror stories of death and destruction following the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Robert Phillips from Bermagui was propelled through the collapsing walls of his hut and swept about a kilometre through a nearby lagoon.

An Australian couple diving off the Maldives in the Indian Ocean were dragged about a kilometre out to sea before being rescued.

A Swedish toddler has been reunited with his father after the boy's picture was posted on the internet.

Anonymous acts of kindness.

A pair of Israeli newlyweds described how a Palestinian couple came to their rescue, paying for them to fly back home after they had lost all their cash.

An Indian teenager was found after clinging to a door in heavy seas for two days.

About 3000 Sri Lankan villagers believed to have died in the island's tsunami disaster were found alive yesterday.

A 20-day-old baby survived, thanks to a floating mattress.

A Canadian survived for 10 hours by clinging to a dead fisherman who was wearing a lifejacket.

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