Friday, April 29, 2005

ABC does blog

ABC Radio National's Media Report spoke to's former night editor Jon Burton who now lectures in online journalism at RMIT, as well as Margot Kingston, Xeni Jardin from Boing Boing and others about blogging.

You can read the transcript or listen to the program in real media or windows.


Nam LaMore said...

i was blog-hopping and came across your very interesting blog. i was in the technology industry for a long time, and worked closedly with the media. but i've walked away from all of that. however, it's always interesting to hear about how this is evolving. i'm fond of online media, but it can get a bit out of control.

i'll be back when i have more time to read your the backlog

Brownie said...

Very recently at the Forum of they ran essays from Daniel Donahoo whose piece was subbed Bloggers -influential or Sad? and refuted by Mark Bahnisch (of LarvatusProdeo blog). This started an online fight that went all over the place.
Donahoo said he was motivated by Tim Dunlop's claim that intellectuals blog ( see Dunlop's Road To Surfdom blog).

Brownie said...

Now that I have read your online and offline interaction - have you looked at
I am the only person who has ever posted a Comment there and it has been going a year.
It is a catalogue of every bit of gangster news.
2. you would have seen the 'EPIC 2014' film online - describes the past and future where GoogleZilla publishes the news it has sucked from all our online discussions, and renders newsPAPERS obsolete.

Brownie said...

OK OK apologies. I'm new here and have just read down the righthand column.
I have bookmarked 14 news sources of Australia and UK and check them all everyday.
I am always very careful about which item I click on first, because I am sure newspapers use their online presence to gauge reader's tastes.