Friday, November 11, 2005

Internet the future for news

Here's the latest in the ongoing argument about newspapers and the web.

"Simon Waldman, director of digital publishing at Guardian Newspapers, says they 'are getting the whole organisation ready for a digital future'.

"Within 'six to seven years', the group planned to dedicate 80 per cent of its time to digital activities, compared to 20 per cent at present, Waldman said."

Meanwhile, Spain's El Mundo is miles ahead:

"A digital strategy dating back nearly 10 years has made the site 'very profitable' since 2003, with a profit of E1.3 million ($2.08 million) in 2004, according to director of development Emilio Plana Hidalgo."

Elsewhere, E-media Tidbits reports that future readers are 'content creators'. Steve Yelvington writes:

"Now is the time to focus your Internet content strategy on participation and online community development, and to work to change your newsroom culture to embrace interaction. Question that worn-out term, 'readers.' It doesn't cover the territory any more."

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