Thursday, January 13, 2005

Live from the vlogzone

Lots of reaction to the phenomenon of vlogs following the tsunami disaster. BlogPulse has released an in-depth analysis of tsunami-related coverage in the blogsphere. BlogPulse's analytical tools tracked the coverage of the tsunami and relief efforts and the site produced maps showing how discussion spiked considerably in the affected countries and the Southern Asia region.

A piece I wrote for The Age ran on the oped page yesterday. It really only scratched the surface of the issue, but Mark Glaser has done a more thorough job here.

The big questions include -
1. What is the best distribution mechanism? Browser interface? BitTorrent? Something else?
2. What is the best commercial distribution model? Hosting high traffic video content costs money which localised bloggers can't afford. Who pays?
3. And who owns the content? What are the copyright implications?
4. How can news organisations work most effectively with bloggers in a breaking news environment?
5. As things like mobile phones become more loaded with viable video, audio and camera equipment, how can news web sites position themselves to take advantage of the next wave of public generated news content?

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