Monday, January 03, 2005

Poor taste award

Matthew Parris, writing in The Times, walks away with the prize for most insensitive comment on the tsunami disaster:

"A small, insistent voice in the back of my head says: 'Isn’t this amazing!' A minor but insuppressible part of me has almost relished — yes, relished — those huge numbers. As the newspaper headlines spoke greedily of the numbers of dead 'approaching' twenty, then fifty, then eighty, then a hundred thousand, something undeniable twitched in the back of my brain. It was a sort of excitement as the figures mounted; as though some great auctioneer of calamity were taking bids from the media floor, and I was willing the bidding to carry on upwards. When will it reach a hundred thousand? Could it reach a quarter of a million? Was this a record? How did it stand in the history of these disasters? That high! Wow!"
Can you believe it?

Cognitive dissent couldn't:

"There certainly is something awe-inspiring and humbling about the power of nature, particularly when on such ferocious display, but recognizing and respecting that power is something completely different than hoping that it runs up the bodycount."

Via Tim Blair.

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