Monday, January 24, 2005

Looking for common ground

To time with the Harvard webcred conference, this piece in the Wall Street Journal continues the mainstreaming of blogs. ABC radio were on the phone this morning for a comment on a morning drive program (for the Northern Territory) - at least they recognise it's a genuine phenomenon.

There's a bunch of stuff in response to the conference on aggregators here and here. But the best one-stop roundup comes from Jay Rosen. Jay lists six key moments he took away from the two day meeting:
  1. Public involvement leads to information hunger
  2. Profitable for whom? How blogging makes money
  3. There is no continuum on which journalists and bloggers fit
  4. A passion for neutrality and the challenge from Wiki News
  5. The podcasting era dawns for Powerline
  6. Keep Your Eye on the Open Archive.
Number 3 came from Dave Weinberger. Dave is a respected authority on blog matters and co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, but I'm inclined to think that insisting there is no common ground between bloggers and journalists relies on an overly narrow definition of both.

I'm in full agreement with Jay on Number 6, though.

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